Atlanta Open Orthographic Meet

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The 2017 Bee is back at Manuel's Tavern!

Saturday February 18, 2017, at 7PM.

Note that the renovation moved the event space from North to South of the main bar.  Building entrances are the same.  We'll see you there!


2016 WINNER: Katherine Dillinger

Fred Roberts 2nd; Katherine Dillinger 1st; Kathie Klein 3rd

How it works: 

For adults 18 years & older.  It is all written.  We provide paper.  Bring a pen or pencil, or we can loan you one of ours.   No one stands to spell, so relax and enjoy the words.

The Bee is free.  We just ask that you support Manuel's for providing space, by buying drinks and appetizers.  If you come early, have dinner there before the Bee.  Bring friends who like words.  They’ll have fun even if they can’t spell. 

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The next ATLANTA OPEN ORTHOGRAPHIC MEET is Feb. 18, 2017   Manuel's Tavern at 7PM.
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